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I initially went to Google Reset Password. In the process they were not able to get the form onto my screen and transferred me to a "specialist".He notified me that my IP address had been hacked and that I needed a complete cleanup of my computer. They transferred me to Adept Help,part of Barewire Ltd. The deal was to get the cleanup done and then have future complete IP, network and system protection with choice of 3, 5 or 7 years.They then accessed my computer and it looked like they were doing what they had claimed. A few months later they called me to let me know that people were trying to hack into my email. I said that I expected them to take care of this since that was what I had paid for, but they claimed that this was a different matter and I needed to get a sonic wall. He told me I could get it at Walmart for $******** which made me very upset, but then he said he had good news for me, I could get it wholesale through them for $******. RED FLAG. Now I knew it was a scam, contacted Apple store, since I have a Mac. They checked out my computer, updated everything, removed everything these people had put on it. They said the sonic wall was absolutely a scam, I did not need a that or anything else and most likely they were the ones creating the problems, their methods border on fraud.Anyone with a Mac does not need another company for technical support, they fix everything and charge nothing (my case took almost 2 hours).They suggested I get my money back, which I tried. After many conversations I was eventually assured that my money would be reimbursed within 7 – 10 days. After 2 weeks I still had not received the money. I called again to check why and the person I spoke with got very nasty, told me I would never get any money back and eventually hung up on me. Remember: BAREWIRE should really be named: BEWARE BUYER.Additionally I like to note that I thought I was safe because Google referred me, but I also heard about a person who was referred to them by Dell, so there is no guarantee.

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By Ronald

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