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I purchased a used GMC 2000 pickup truck from them on 8-13-05 and on 8-17-05 the ignition was sticking and was very hard tu turn on / unlock sterring wheel. on 8-21-05 it locked up completley and would not release so I called Bankston Monday 8-22-05 and after leaving 3 messages for my salesperson I then spoke to Mark – Usaed cars mgr. he was very eager to send a wreker to pick up the truck and bring it in. Thinking that it would be covered by any LEMON Law or 30 day warranty that was fine with me. after not getting any call backs all day I stopped in after work about 5:05 pm and spoke to Steve the service drive manager (which he did not notice I was behind him, and he had just hung up on a customer and yheld “CHA CHING” I got them, hehehehe!)what an a*s.anyway, he told me he did not have an answer for me it would be tomarrow, about 5:30 he calls my house and say’s that it will cost me $250 + and the towing bill! I said what thats nuts I just bought it and the run around began…I called my salesperson Jerry he will talk to his boss, I called the boss hedid not call me back I left an email on the web site Chad the internet mgr. will tell his boss the GM on 8-23-05…..All of this and the salesman said the stand behind all of what they sell. I cqalled parts today 8-23-05 and spoke to Vic if they need to replace the cylender my cost is 39.61 and to have coded is $30 but for me and my shop cost is $40 – $45 only! not $250 + Which brings me to think on 8-17-05 they programed a new remote for the truck so that we would have two remotes! Makes me think something else is going on here!!!!!! So far no help has been given! S.b Haltom City, TexasU.S.A.

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