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IN Nov.2009 my husbond lost his job.The company clamed bankruptsy.he was on unemployment.untill March of 2010,when he was having some problumes with his health. We went to his Doctor,and we found out that he was in the begening stages of Hart Failure an the Doctor said that he did not want him working.and we filled for disability. I called Bank of America at that time and asked for thim todo a loan modification because at that all we had was my income and it was not enough to handle all the bills and the house payment too. They noteifyed me in Sept.2010 that they could not help me and that we would be getting a forclosture notice. Then at the first of Aug. 2010 I called them and Let them know that my Husbond was going to start getting his disability at the end of Aug. And the amount that he would be getting and they said that they would do a new modification. I have contacted them every month to find out any progress.there has always been no change. Then on Dec. 23,2010 I got a call from then and they wanted me to fax them all my bills and income and tax info all again. then Dec.29 2010 they tould me that there isnothing they can do and thatour home will be put on the oxtion block January 26,2011 . what can we do ! My housbands Health ahs gotten worse.

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