Difficult to use their website in Internet Explorer. They prefer Chrome. | While browsing merchandise, prices kept going down on objects of interest, not by much, but some. Finally placed an order for 2 watches. | Took my credit card info, sent a confirming email about the order. Next day, canceled the order, saying the credit card info was suspicious. Checked with my credit company, they confirmed no problems with the account. Contacted Bang Good on their chat line, have to wait for over 60 prior contacts. Finally, got Aiden, who was gramatically incorrect in his chat. | He said that the account appeared suspicious and was canceled ($21 in watches). Told me to reorder. Explained to him that I have looked at their catalog only to find that the watches ordered has greatly increased in price. He said they could not alter the increase, and could not re establish the order. Apoligies offered. This is just a con game on their part. They lure you in with a low price, negate the order and then want you to order it a higher than previously advertized price, even during the sale period of their add. | Do not give there folks your money!



Country: Hong Kong


City: East Point

Address: Radio City, 505-511 Hennessy Rd,

Phone: (+0852)-359-03678


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By Ronald

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