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Facebook employment page had an ad posted for having a vinyl decal put onto your vehicle for $400.00 a week. The minimum amount of time you would drive with this decal on was 6 weeks but up to 3 months. You were told to fill out a application where a response from James Chris e-mails you saying he is sending you a check for your first payment and the fee to have the decal put on. They do not tell you where you are going to get the decal, they urge you to just deposit the check and it will clear in 24 hours. Even after asking questions they avoid answering them and just urge you to hurry up and deposit the check for security reasons. Check sent to me was made on and is made to look like a cashiers check through Pacific Premier Bank. In with the check is a very faintly typed up letter saying to text (601) 980-1556 with my name and check number. complete scam through and through!!

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By Ronald

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