Banfield Pet Hospital Concord North Carolina Review


Where do I begin? Let’s start from where the incompetency starts, at the Banfield Pet Hospital corporate level. We signed our two dogs up for the first year of Banfield’s Wellness Plan which seemed like a good deal for the first year. We received no communication from them until the very last moment of the end of the first year saying the dogs were due for their shots (right before the year’s term expired). What they failed to mention is that by bringing the dogs in on the date they “recommended””

we were AUTOMATICALLY agreeing for another year of this useless plan for a second year. They loaded up all of these “”services”” including shots to the tune of $600 retail at that date. The dogs were not due for a number of the shots according to two independent vet’s I spoke to in the area. Then we get a message from Banfield Pet Hospital a few months later that stated the heartworm shot the dogs were given

were ineffective and needed to be re-administered and to “”bring em on in””. Uhhhh

not a chance in hell. I contacted PetsMart corporate office and they made it abundantly clear that “”Banfield is independent from us””. Really? If so

then why do have to wait for Petsmart to open their doors before I can gain access to Banfield Pet Hospital? No other communication from Banfield Pet Hospital has been received in the 8 months we have been “”renewed””. Banfield pulls their $50 out like clockwork every month but have no other reason to see the dogs since the “”renewal”” 8 months ago.So here we are today

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By Ronald

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