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Hello Taylor,nMy son (Nico 9 year old) with help from mom ordered a rc tank from Bananahobby, it was a couple weeks ago while I was away on business . He actually saved his money to get this “awesome”” tank he and his brother saw on-line. It finally arrived on the 14th of May. He did his best to contain himself while the battery charged for four hours. Now with everything ready he turned on the transmitter then the the tank and nothing. On off

on off

check the batteries again still nothing. Little did we know this was just the beginning of a frustrating


poor business like experience. nI am his father and I have spent hours on the phone and on-line trying to get this tank to work with Nico sitting patiently next to me. Sara said find the crystal in the transmitter and that would fix it. Of course she didn’t know where the crystal was. Another employee said find the crystal under a removable cover on the transmitter. Then Ryan informed me this unit is an infrared remote with no crystal. He also said Pete was the man to talk to and would be in by 11:00am. I called at 11:00am waited on hold and informed Pete would not be in til 2:00pm. 2:00pm after holding please call back at 4:00pm. 4:00pm Pete will not be here today at all

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