Bally’s Total Fitness westchester California Review


I signed up for balley’s in january of 2000, because I was moving away to lancaster,ca and there was no bailey’s within 30 miles of me I could mail in $50.00 cancellation fee and proof of residence. I did just that in march 2000. then in 2002 I tried to apply for a job at the bank and found out that balley’s said I owe at that time $1051.00. Why would they never have mailed me a letter stating this for 2 years until my credit was checked. I would have never known and it would have kept adding. nAs of today they say I owe $2,051.00 which is even more ridiculous then it was before. This has completely ruined my credit and I can’t apply for anything. I have to live with me parents because no landlord accepts my credit once i apply. balleys has ruined my financial life and they have made me hate their company and the whole operation. Now they claim I cancelled but not the other member on my account. that was bulls***! I was the only paying member on that balley’s account. nJoinwestchester, CaliforniaU.S.A.

12440 E. Imperial Ste 3 Norwalk, California U.S.A.

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