Baker Bloomberg and Associates.


When I first started at my company, they had already had this collection agency/attorneys in place and they had already referred numerous accounts for them to collect on. I started to grow suspicious as they never gave updates or reports of any sort, nor did we ever receive any checks from them, I have now been with my company for over 2 years and we have NEVER received money from this agency despite being told that accounts have settled. I decided to do some research and went to their so called website at When I clicked on the tab that said “about us” my computer started beeping and a warning displayed telling me that my computer was getting a dangerous virus! I hurried and turned my computer off and went back and clicked on a few other tabs, those tabs led me to dating chat line information, when I tried to contact our contact Mark Perez to see what was going on, he never responded. We now suspect that they were contacting our clients, receiving money from them and never turning it over. I also found that others claim to have been scammed by these people, even having money emptied out of their bank accounts. I went to the google maps to see where this Katy Freeway place is at and it’s a general building with a limo service and a few other businesses but none of a collection agency or attorneys office. We have since filed with the Attorney General Office and will be turning the matter over to the authorities. If you are ever contacted by this so called collection agency. Run! These people should be in jail

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