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Baird Motors Gary Baird Poor customer service, lied, dishonest Clearfield Utah!!. On September 24th, I purchased an automobile from Gary Baird, at Baird Motors. Before the purchase, I drove the car around the block, and it seemed to run and drive fine. Mr. Baird assured me that if I had any problems with the car, he would work with me, to see them repaired. On the 26th, I attempted to return the car because it was too big, and I just didn’t like it. I sat with Mr. Baird for 2 hours discussing ways that I could surrender the car. He refused to rewind the deal, even when I offered to let him keep $500 for his trouble. (At this point, none of the registration papers have been filed. I asked him to prolong the filing process to allow him to see if he could find another car that would work out for each end). The resolution was never reached, and mr. Bairds daughter called me on October, 14th to tell me they were filing the registration papers. The next day I returned to Baird Motors to present the findings of mechanical issues with the vehicle. Mr. Baird was conveniently abcent, so his agent took my issue complaint, and phone number. She said she would have him call me. As soon as I arrived home, Mr. Bairds agent called me to tell me that he was not willing to help me fix the mechanical issues with the car, because I had not purchased his warranty, and I was on my own. What a liar he is. Either that or he is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. during the lengthy discussions between Mr. Baird and I, he claimed to be someone I could trust, and that I would be happy with the car, and how he is an active member of the LDS church, and visits the temple. This was the reason I believed him. Why would an elderly man try to rip me off?

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