Baily’s Hyperformance Factory Review


My experience with Bailey’s Hyperformance. I definitely do not recommend. I took them my car in November of 2017 to troubleshoot a motor and other things. The motor Was damaged beyond repair by another shop. Bailey’s took 4 1/2 To tear my engine down finish out a completed short block and install it their lack of knowledge is unbelievable. Chris Bailey the owner repeatedly lied to me. And when I would called him out on his lies he would threaten to kick my car out of his shop.. According to Chris the customer did not have a right to know when his car would be complete all he would say is when it is 100% perfect.. I am here to tell you his version of perfect is far from mine . When I got the phone call to come pick up my car. When I got there the motor would not run are Idle properly also the alternator and the airconditioner you could move and rock with your hand.. They did not mount the starter properly and broke teeth off of my flex plate. When I went to start it , It would not start because of the broken teeth. They also broke all of my PCM plugs and he refused to take responsibility for what is shop broke…. My car is currently at another shop fixing their screw up’s. This shop is right there with savage street cars in Houston make no mistake..


Name: Baily’s Hyperformance Factory

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Fort Worth

Address: 1200 S Blue Mound Rd

Phone: 817-232-4242


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By Ronald

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