Bagwill Builders Group Inc Review


Larry Bagwill is a con artist. I gave him money to start a job at my house. Two days later he called to tell me that I had insufficent funds. Met with him and had his and my bank on the phone-his bank said I did not have insufficent funds, but would have to wait until Monday to find the reason. He harrassed me and I just wanted to get away from him, so I wrote him another check. Called him Monday morning to tell not cash ck and to cancel job to later date. Told me it was too late- he had already spent money! | I told him I was calling 8 on your side and that i had a lawyer. He replied he also had a lawyer. This has been going on since 9/15/15. I hired a lawyer who took the case at one hour flat rate. He spent many hours trying to contact a lawyer that Larry does not have (it was just a free consult!) and many hours with an arcitect who is in on the deal with him! My attorney let me know that he did not feel that it be worth puttnig me on hourly as this could go on for a long time! He has given me other avenues to pursue. | I am not giving up on this until either I get my money back or I have his license!


Name: Bagwill Builders Group Inc

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Hudson

Address: 12813 5th Isle

Phone: (727) 831-5434


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By Ronald

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