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Complaint: It all started in October 2016. I had been informed by the daughter of someone who had 2 male kittens from me, that said kittens both had developed a disease called FIP, and were to be put to sleep. I immediately attempted to contact the owner, who refused to answer any of my phone calls, emails or texts. It seemed I could only speak to the daughter, and this was only through Facebook messenger. I pleaded with them not to put the boys to sleep until my own vet had seen them. They did not live far from me, and I was happy to collect them. I had offered their money back, I had offered them alternative kittens, I was frantic and did not know what else to do. Things then went very quiet. Until the daughter posted a damning letter from her mother about me on two Facebook pages. The first page was run by an administrator who had knowledge of this disease, and removed the post without delay. However the other Facebook group, so called “Bad Cat Breeders”” were doing no such thing. They published the whole letter in full. I was devastated. I had not even been told

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Address: but it seemed that both of my kittens had been put to sleep

Website: and there were massively contradictory and inaccurate statements in it. However the admin refused to remove it

Phone: in their own vet’s words “”in case they went on to develop FIP””! In case?? My lovely cattery assistant Emily wrote to the administrator of the group

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