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Complaint: I bought a piston kit from this company on Feb 17th, 2005. After five emails asking for a tracking number, with no replies, I finally got a hold of them and I have copied and pasted our online chat below: Please wait for a site operator to respond. You are now chatting with ‘Jonie’ Jonie: Welcome to backstreetscooters on line store How Can I help? John Doe: I would like the tracking number for order number BSS-**** Jonie: hello, what was the order? John Doe: ******* John Doe: piston and rings for a 49cc motor John Doe: I ordered this on the 17th of feb Jonie: ok, what size for the wrist pin? dont want to send the wrong one, you can measure it by a ruler John Doe: YOU HAVEN”T EVEN SHIPPED IT YET! Jonie: ok we can ship you the 49cc piston and rings and if they dont match up

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Address: you can not return them John Doe: no wait Jonie: I will send them tomorrow John Doe: Let me get the size and I want them shipped UPS next day air. If you do not think that this is possible then I want my money back! Jonie: yes we can do that

Website: I work 7 days a week

Phone: we want to make sure they will fit John Doe: so you will ship it ups next air for no extra charge John Doe: if so i will go get the size Jonie: yes Jonie: yes John Doe: the part that the bearing goes on is .39″” John Doe: the outer diameter of the piston is 1.731″” Jonie: ok We will match it up and send them to you. John Doe: thank you John Doe: I will be emailing an evaluation of your service and product after I receive it on SATURDAY! John Doe: I mean FRIDAY Jonie: I can not send this tonight Jonie: oh today is wed

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