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Complaint: I was told by the person who spoke to me from the company, Back To Work, that they are a back to work veterans program. He offered me trash bags or ziplock freezer bags and asked if I would help out by purchasing one or the other. I didn’t have the money but I sympathized and offered to send money as soon as I received my funds. They agreed. When I finally opened the package that I received, I saw the inferior trash bags that they claimed would be good quality, but are not. I don’t want to pay $88 for 90 inferior trash bags. Therefore, I am hesitating. Due to the observation of the items sent to me and looking at the unprofessional return envelope, I decided to check the internet for company information or reviews. I saw no internet address but I found a complaint through Ripoff. I wanted to do this before paying for this item. I learned that this company is not located in Mexico which is the return address, but more local. And, that they try to rip off seniors. They are supposed to be a one-man operated business out to take advantage. The invoice on the inside of the package says I had a 3 day recission. I received the package about 3 weeks ago. Am I obgligated now? 2015-01-16

Tags: Disability Services

Address: 6100 4th st n. w. #420 Albuquerque, New Mexico USA


Phone: 888-502-3769

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