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B & M Transmissions Inc Crook owner gives false pricing, overcharges, and spitefully damages engine compartment on exit. Colorado Springs Colorado!!. The owner/operator of B&M Transmission is a spiteful crook. I brought my car to B&M for a transfer case rebuild after being recommended by an insurance company. He quoted me $800 for the rebuild and then after completing it gave me a price of over $1000. When I went to pick up my car i told him that it seemed over priced because I found rebuilt transfer cases online for around $300. He explained that this was because his work was much higher quality which I was quickly understanding of. He then disappeared for some time before coming back to return my keys. A week later after driving from Colorado to Alaska I found that he had taken the caps off of my battery in spite of my complaint and acid had been spilling all over the engine compartment of my car.

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