Azar Florist Irvine California


Complaint: If you respect yourself go somewhere else! This florist USED to be somewhat credible until i witnessed their business practices during the “busy”” season. The owner recruits low cost “”help”” and in turn ensures they remain low cost if they are very fully paid at all. Its a sad story to limit detail and the hypocrisy when addressed is maddening. My reasoning comes from first hand dealings and failed attempts to help mediate this horrible practice. This place is run like a sweat shop overseen by the dictatorship of the Ayatollah of Iran! To top it off the owner is responsible for many failing businesses…beware!”

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: 19800 MacArthur Boulevard Irvine, CA 92612 Irvine, California United States of America


Phone: (800) 999-2027

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By Ronald

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