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when I first discovered AyyA in 2008, I ordered a pair of their original spiral tabi (ninja shoes) that turned out to be the wrong size. they were extremely helpful and communicative, and exchanged my boots for just the cost of shipping (despite it being my mistake). I’ve worn them for years, recommended them to friends, and spoke highly of the company and their product at every possible opportunity. non december 20th 2011, I placed an order for tabi sneakers for my partner. the order wasn’t processing, so I sent an email to the company inquiring why this was: n”Hello! upon placing an order

I was told my card was declined (on a $190 purchase.) this didn’t seem right

so I checked my available balance and found that there was more than enough money in my account. I don’t have another card. help! thank you! very best

(my name)””nthree days later I received an email from customer service: n””Hi (my name)

Thank you for your info to us… We have some problems with our web at this moment. Instead

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