Awesome Auto Sales, Inc Greenbelt Maryland Review


Owner of Awesome Auto Sales, Inc and A Better Way Enterprises, Inc. Carlos Parr aka Charles Parr operates a Dealership storefront at 13400 Baltimore Avenue that is attached to an unaffiliated rental car company and repair shop. Cars sold by David Lincoln finance, title agent, and salesman at Awesome Auto Sales, Inc 13400 Baltimore Avenue Laurel, Maryland 20707 does not have clear title. Dealership obtained financing for a vehicle prior to actual sale and delivery without customer knowledge. David Lincoln delivered a loaner vehicle owned by seller of the purchased vehicle. Vehicle delivered 30 days past sale date at a repair shop at 5022 Cook Road Beltsville, Maryland 20705 was repossessed by unknown tow company registered to Dealership one week after actual delivery date of the purchased vehicle due to A Better Way Enterprises, Inc. unpaid business loan/lien on sold vehicle. The dealership intentionally defraud customer falsifying loan documentation. David Lincoln, Chris, and Charles Parr gave them the opportunity to obtained customer personal information, banking, and insurance information to obtain cash deposits from customer and financing in the amount of $11,000 for a non-working vehicle (2007 Cadillac DTS) owned by A Better Way Enterprises, Inc., without clear title and customer knowledge.

13400 Baltimore Avenue Laurel, Maryland USA


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