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Autosport Designs Lotus Motorcars of New York OUTRAGEOUS PRICES; LOW QULITY WORK, AND A BROKEN CAR Internet!!. Autosport Designs is one of the worst places I have ever encountered. They did such bad quality work on my car that I almost died twice. They almost caused a serious electrical fire, and then a serious engine fire. This place is to be avoided at all costs. They have huge overhead and charge you two to three times the industry standard for their subpar work. After I spent all of this money, they returned a car to me with a blown head gasket and tried to cover it up. They had my car for like 6 months. And they still couldd’t make the dealine. For all I know, they broke my engine. If you have a high end car, do not take it here for work. They are rude, smug, and total jerks.

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