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I purchased a 2006 Ferrari F430 from Automotive Excellence. The car was represented as having 2 keys in the description of the car and in the photos of the car and its accessroies, and indeed I was given a second key at a different time than when I drove the car. I purchased the car and had it shipped back to the east coast. Several weeks after it arrived, I tried using the second key by chance. It did not work. I replaced the battery to no avail. I took the key to a Ferrari dealer 2 hours from my house. He told me the key was from a different car. I called Cornelius at Automotive Excellence to report the problem. He would not return my call. I called repeatedly and finally got through. He told me that they gave me the key that they got with the and, if it didn’t fit, it was my problem, not theirs. I then spoke to Stefan, the alleged owner of Automotive Excellence. He told me he would check to see if he could find the right key. I later discovered this was just a way to get me off the phone. It took several more weeks to get him on the phone again. He was very abusive and teld me to f*** myself. I filed a complaint with the CA DMV, but they said there was nothing they could do. After pricing keys at several Ferrari dealers, I paid $985 to get a second key made. I was told by both dealers that to lose one key and not have a second would cost me many thoursands to replace the ECU and other electronics. Buyer Beware!

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