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This company had a website Friday, but now the domain is available today. My wife and I need repairs completed on our vehicle and she was looking into possible companies that can help with our 15 year old vehicle. I know that it is too old for any reputable warranty company and I do not like giving credit card information or any personal information to companies or people I do not know. I feel my beautiful wife was taken advantage of by these people and I do whatever I can to make her happy. She had me speak with this "company" this morning and they called, again, from a local number. I even asked them about that, they said that they have satellite locations near the designated potential customers. There was a lot not adding up, giving all the things they had away for free and "no catch". I had a bad feeling about it from the beginning, but went with what my wife suggested and we put a down payment of $***, with $***/month for 2 years. I went to look at the website again today and it was not there any more and I KNOW I saw it Friday. THIS IS A SCAM!!! Do not fall for it!!!

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By Ronald

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