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Complaint: If you’re thinking about buying this software, do yourself a favor and SAVE your money! The software doesn’t work at all. First off it costs $497 and $97 monthly (I think it’s really worth a one time payment of $29.99), then you have to get a website with a dedicated ip address (more money monthly) and you have to pay a per minute charge for phone broadcasting, plus they want you to buy a bunch of domain names for landing pages and on demand webinars. In addition to this, you can’t even use the software without getting a server error and being locked out for a day. It’s absolutely horrible. I submitted a support ticket for this and the owners gave me a bs excuse that didn’t work. The company has a no refund policy (dead giveaway that it’s a bogus software) but I will be filing a chargeback with my credit card company pronto. These jerks will not get away with selling me a bogus software. Please do yourself a favor and use your head people, Do Not Buy This Software. Take that $497 and go to dinner or go shopping with it. The only thing this company is good for is reselling to other suckers that don’t know how horrible it is. Their product is not worth it. I’ve seen other products cost $30 and have more fuctionality than this. Do yourself a favor and research Leadnetpro on Ripoff Scams and you’ll see what others have to say as well. The company use to be leadnetpro and costed a lot less than it does now. Use your head people. Tom

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