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Auto-Drive 1 ———- Forwarded message ———- From: “Rick B” Date: Aug 13, 2015 9:04 AM Subject: In reguards to your continued attempts to disreguard the warranty. Richard Brooks JR To: Cc: Personally I don’t know how you can sleep at night. My father is an elderly man who needed a reliable vehicle in order to raise my deceased sisters children that’s why I often ACT as his proxy. Morally not legally as I stated in the phone call we had last week. The same phone call you said to me it’s up to us to find the legal ramifacations in reguards to purchasing a vehicle and warranty and failure to have the dealership or seller honor the warranty or the more than three times of attempting to fix it And judging from the way you have conducted yourself. Id say my father isn’t the first one to be effected by you. So if I have to I will find the others . So what if my confused father asked if he should contact a lawyer? and I would like you to acknowledge that this is a written request and all emails once read are legally timestamped you have 48 hours to contact me personally or my father if you choose with a time to drop off the Chevy Malibu to fix EVERYTHING that is covered by the warranty for the fourth time. or I will personally guarantee court. And make it my business personally because this is my father your screwing over respond via email or telephone my number is 774-268.2152 if you do not comply We will see you in court I know you think that because my father can’t afford a lawyer you aren’t in a situation here. But unbenounced to him my girlfriend’s brother is a great lawyer. And knows my fathers situation and commends him for stepping up and raising his deceased daughters four children alone and has agreed to take the case pro bono. I do what I say I’m going to Do. I will also be contacting every single news station. Local organizations. Sandwich chamber of commerce. Anywhere and everywhere I can any Mechanic anywhere you’ve ever done business. To explain exactly who they’re doing business with. The better business burrow ect. It will be easier for you just to abide by the law and fix the car. Let’s see what you do from here? If I receive a simple stated message like you sent my father I will take that as a sign of you NOT BEING a man and honoring your agreement and contractoral obligations. And the warranty and will seek the necessary steps as mentioned above I take it personal not just because it’s my father but because he is a great man and an inspiration a truly great human being he is a decorated army veteran as well. Hopefully it won’t need to come to this and you will do the right thing but I’ve felt with people like you before many many times . That’s why you told my father you do business over the phone not emails lol that’s so there’s no hard evidence but we have emails with you saying that and how do you think that looks? Fix the car do the right thing for once if not we’ll see you in court east sandwich


Name: AutoDrive1

Country: United States

State: Massachusetts

City: West Bridgewater

Address: 181 South Main Street

Phone: 508-584-8200


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