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Complaint: I purchased an engine from for my car. The courier responsible for delivery dropped the engine en route. AutoCarPartsDirect made a claim to get their money back from the courier but still delivered the engine to me. My garage signed for the engine as it was difficult to identify its condition without first of all removing the protective wrapping. AutoCarPartsDirect then flatly refused to give me my money back. I attempted to return the engine to them as it is not fit for my car but they refused to accept it and have kept my 500. Throughout the whole experience of dealing with them I’ve found them to be the most despicable people capable of employing any underhand tactics possible to rip people off. Their final scam is to change their name from AutoCarPartsDirect to Metro Salvage claiming that AutoCarPartsDirect has gone into liquidation. This is a loophole in the law so that they can shake off their debts and begin operating afresh with a new company name. Naresh Sandhu London

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Address: Waterloo St, Bolton, BL1 8HU Bolton, U.S.A.


Phone: 1204386201

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