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Autobarn Atlanta Buyer beware this dealer is dishonest and will sell you a junker and lie about it! Marietta Georgia!!. Paul sold us a Honda Civic Hybrid that broke down when we tried to drive it home. He took the car back to make reapirs and kept it for 5 weeks. He blamed it on the way I was driving. I drove it approximately 7 miles. After 5 weeks we went to drive it home and the transmission fluid came out the bottom of the car in our drive way. We had it towed ourselves after 4 days of him telling us the tow truck was on the way. Had it another couple days. Picked it up and the check engine light was on. We took it to the Honda dealer and there was a laundry list of problems. He sold us a car with a bad catalytic converter that the mechanic said could not of passed emissions. Filed a complaint to have the emissions test investigated. The car needs $7000 worth of reapirs. The whole time we were looking at the car to purchase Paul kept telling us this will be a very good car for you. Lied right to our face!! I do not recoment this dealer. Check Auto Barn Atlanta’s Face book page other customers will tell you the same thing.

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