Auto Star of Lawrenceville GA


Auto Star of Lawrenceville GA Buyer beware! Lawrenceville Georgia!!. Larry, aka Big D, aka Big, sold me a car back in October 2017, less than 2 months later I learned that I needed a transmission/torque converter for my 2017 GLK. It will cost $9,400 to repair. I literally gave them $4200 as a down payment and made 2.5 payments. I gave away my hard earned cash to this place! They know they sold me a lemon! They have no integrity or customer care. There are several other review sites that state their purchase from them only last from a few weeks to maybe 3 months. Also the prices they advertise on thier website is supposedly the cash price, they then add an additional $3K to the actual price; based on the vehicle; there is an upcharge most of the time. This information should be listed as cash price or actual price on their site. They only care for the sale not the customer. I don’t recommend.

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