Auto Showcase of Bel Air – Delivers Cheap Cars

I bought a used Mercedes AMG (which I did not get), but was dressed like one.10 years ago, I had a stroke, and could not read well… So the paper I signed for the purchase that was written in small print for an S500 car, not the car I wanted. I paid for the expensive model but received a cheap car that was nearly glued together.The bumper came off, and Harford Custom Coach ordered the AMG bumper, that did not fit. They were cheated too. I have a letter stating that two of the exhaust pipes fell off & are not to be found. This car was absolutely glued together. The phone was also glued to it and it came off.I went through Md. Consumer process but Auto Showcase did not mediate…they only offered to pay for the repairs.That is around $3,000 which included a bumper, battery, electrical wire fixes & tires etc.I also reached out to the Better Business Bureau, who also tried to mediate, but there was no success. Auto Showcase of Bel Air inc, has an F rating & many more complaints. Since I did not do a background check on this company, I lost over $20,000.00.I would have appreciated them if they had taken back the car, along with reimbursing me and my money. “Bad luck,” they said.

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