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I brought my car in to have a door dent removed on my drivers rear door. They repaired the dent and payed them the $95 for the dent repair then when I got home I checked to see where they went in to repair the dent on my door to only find that they in repairing the dent destroyed my interior door panel. I called them the next day as they were closed. I was told to come in the next day to meet with the owner to have him look at it and fix it. I come in the next day and the owner blows me off so one of his managers brings out the tools to see if they did the damage and they lined up the tools and concluded that they made the damage. Then I was told to give them a couple days to find a new door panel as they will call me . 5 Days goes past no calls or any response from the company so I give them a call and no answer so I leave a message asking them to replace the door panel or to write me a check to bring it to a body shop to have it replaced. | Another 5 Days goes past and no calls or any response from the company. At this point I need a check for the door panel as I was going to sell the car to someone 500 miles away In 2 Days. So I go to the shop and call the police to come with to file a report. As I got there alittle before the police officer I asked to talk to the owner to have this resolved. And I talked with his son and employee/manager I spoke to before I was told he couldnt find the door panel in those 5 days (I can find a brand new one online in 20 seconds with Google search) then he told me that he ordered it and I asked for a receipt but he couldnt provide me one so he lied to me and they were very rude and inconsiderate. Then the owner shows up and I tell him what happened and that I would need a check as I dont have anymore time to have them replace it as Ill give the buyer of the car the money from the check for the interior door panel repair and he told me Im not writing any f*g check


Name: Auto Expo Detailing

Country: United States

State: Illinois

City: Libertyville

Address: 760 E Park Ave

Phone: 847-816-1255


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By Ronald

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