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I paid $187 to be able to listen to my iPod in my car. They installed defectivenproducts and insulted me when I complained. I brought in my 2004 Jaguar X Typento Auto Audio to have them connect my iPod to FM radio and paid $139 onnFebruary 26, 2011. On my way back home, I realized that it’s not working. Incalled right away and informed them that apparently they did a sloppy job. Inwas told to bring the car back to the store. Regardless of the horrendousnweather conditions, I drove all the way back to have them do the job right. nThe manager, Matt, was super rude. He accused me of tampering with the part theyninstalled and refused to help me. When I asked for my money back, he called mena retard and threatened to physically assault me. This added insult to injury.nNot only they did a sloppy job and my iPod is not working properly regardlessnof paying almost $140, they insulted me and talked down to me. Matt said thatnthe only way to fix his sloppy job is to add another part for $48. I was sonintimidated that I had no choice but to pay him. He is 6 feet tall strong young guynand I am 5’3″ forty years old man with a heart condition. nLong story short

I paid Auto Audio $187 today and still myniPod is not working. I am scared to go back to them. Matt may deliberately messnup my car or even physically assault me as he threatened earlier today.These guys will rip you noff and then humiliate you. Stay far far away!”

4757 West Arrowhead Road Hermantown, Minnesota United States of America


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By Ronald

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