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In September 2017 I looked online searching on how to get a dealer license. Same Day Dealer License popped up. I initially thought it was an agency that does the process for you to get you your dealer license. It was $1,295.00 and they ended up charging my card 2x. I called & they stated it was processed twice & they will credit my card back. I purchased 1 dealer plate and they charge my card a monthly fee. We were given an auction access number which we could get into the auctions & place bids on cars so I thought it was legit. I still have not received my temporary dealer plate. They sent an email stating that we are an authorized dealer fro Trifecta Auto Sales which is based out of Phoenix AZ. I’ve called multiple times to both Auto Agents Alliance & Trifecta. Both of their contact numbers are inoperable. I responded to the emails that Auto Agents Alliance emailed the information from & it does not work. Me & my husband bought $21,000 worth in cars from dealer auto auctions expecting the paperwork process to be complete & in hand but when we got the titles for the vehicles they were signed out to Trifecta Auto Sales. (which we can’t get in touch with) I’ve called the DMV in Phoenix & and the DMV investigators in Phoenix & was told they’re closing their business. I am trying to get my money back and get this resolved.

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By Ronald

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