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Job started in March 2016. Job was put on hold due to not enough money from insurance. I recieved second check from Insurance Aug. 2016. I gave Jeff a check for the counter top in Aug. 2016. In Mach 2017 Jeff removed my sink, cook top and counter top leaving me with an unsubale kitchen. As of Aug. 2017 still no counter top, sink or cook top. Stuco was not finished, Dry wall is not finished. License is under suspension for the following reasons:License suspended for failure to comply with a bond payout. He has no workers comp and has told me he has his own counter top man. Jeff has brouth In January Jeff offered to give me a completion report for the insurance and I refused to sign it. Jeff has brought a day worker into the job without workers comp. Jeff has only worked on the job three days in last year. He has promesed to come down and did not show without even calling to reschedule at least thirty times.


Name: Austin Construction

Country: United States

State: California

City: Los Angeles


Phone: 323-739-9180


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By Ronald

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