atty office of oscar & mcneil shepherd Texas


Complaint: this man called said he was from oscar & mcneil law firm & charges were filed on me & an officer would be at my job or house to arrest me for money laundering. what law firm calls @ 7:30 pm? i dont have a loan out with this company. he said i would be going to jail if i didn’t pay 8000.00 for the loan amount & all court & legal fees. then he asked me if i could pay now or should he continue with the charges but if he continue with the charges then he would contact my job & have an officer there to arrest me thursday morning. when i called him bak he told me the company name but wouldnt give his so i called back a few minutes later and the phone was disconnected. the number he called from is 312-948-8872

Tags: Bad Check Writers

Address: Select State/Province USA


Phone: 312-948-8872

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By Ronald

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