Attorney Tony Pachinko Santa Monica Review


Attorney Tony Pachinko swindled me out of $13,248. I went to the law offices of Tony Pachinko and associates on 12/1/2014 for a consulation on how to get my sentence and fees reduced for my DUI. I was told by Tony that he could reduce my charges and probation period. | I was told to pay an upfront retainer of $13,248 and that he PERSONALLY would handle my case. | However, after over 20 phone calls and a nearly zero response rate, I’m starting to get worried about my case (and my money). Whenever I do get through, all I talk to is his paralegal and Michael (the paralegal) is dumb as a brick. | These clowns are VERY unprofessional and I want to warn everybody to STAY AWAY. I’m out $13,000+ and still have to hear back from the courts about my probation. This is ruining my life…


Name: Attorney Tony Pachinko Santa Monica

Country: United States

State: California

City: Santa Monica




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By Ronald

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