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I was given a name to contact to get a grant to help me get a car- I’m 75 and thought this was something for seniors-her name is Linda Smith-her phone number is 424-252-5279- the grant money would be sent to me by UPS courier for $500. she gave me a reference number and a payee account at Chase Bank in Minnesota- account # 3655667625-Myrna Denise Johnson- her address 5613 87 street- Bank address 4141 Lyndale Ave Minnesota- when I sent the $500 I would get the money to buy a car- I have NOT sent anything- my friend is the one that gave me all this info- is it a scam or is there a Attorney named Linda Smith at this number that helps seniors- thank you for your time- everything she has said and texted me is still on my cell phoneUpdate-received call from 905-319-102-734 (cell ph in Turkey) asking where $500 payment was!

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By Ronald

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