This is a simple WARNING for users or prospective users of the web app known as | Despite the appearance of a grand company, providing great services and an advertised association with Salesforce… BUYER BEWARE! | As a former PAID USER for over one year, after uploading over 300 documents, after integrating into my site and CRM and after driving lots of my customers and users through the system… | I wake up one day and all my data is gone. No appologies, no offer to reimburse my lost business or money, just “too bad, so sad” email and I’m out of luck. Perhaps this is not a scam, but it is dangerous incopentance with a bad attitude on top. | SEE ATTACHED SCREENSHOT of 11 communications starting Nov 6th, 2017 – they knew I was seeking my data, yet they went ahead and deleted it during my conversations requesting it be saved. I was not trying to leave their service, I was trying to continue the service uninterupted as a former happy customer. There was NO GOOD REASON for this. | SCREENSHOT: | —– | CRM, Developer Platform, Sales | Founded Date 2011 | Founders Brandon Bruce, Ryan Huff | Cirruspath develops Cirrus Insight, rated the #1 app for integrating Salesforce with your Inbox. | Cirrus Insight puts the power of your Salesforce CRM right inside your inbox. Immediately see everything about your Salesforce Leads, Contacts, and Opportunities right from your inbox. | My recommendation is DO NOT TRUST this company with your data. Their comminucations and efforts to help a good customer, fully paid up was deplorable. It will cost me thousands to recreate my data. If you have data there now, I suggest you find alternatives or at a minimum back everything up and do not do too many critical integrations. You’ll be sorry.



Country: United States

State: California

City: Irvine

Address: 133 Technology Dr #150

Phone: 1-844-287-0950


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By Ronald

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