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I should have known better, I cancelled AT&T Uverse once before because the bill every month was different than what I agreed to. A year later a was convinced by a representative to signed up for a bundled packaged for 122.58 tax included. Since the initial sign up in March 2014, the bill has not been correct and every month my son has had to go to the AT&T store and waste several hours trying to correct it. Every time the bill gets corrected at the store by the same three representatives and for the past 6 month consistently I have been paying $122.58. The bill this month was $180.43. Today, the store representative waited 45 mins on the phone to get At&T customer recovery dept in efforts to end this monthly problem with the bill. The representative got nowhere close to a solution. I was then put on the phone with the recovery person who tried to tell me that part of the problems are the taxes, because they can’t anticipate how much the taxes are going to be so there is no way of knowing how much it’s going to be. Then she turns around and tells the representative that it’s going to be $140.00 with taxes and if I can either pay the increase or cancel the service and pay a early disconnection fee of $105.00. Consider these factors: 1. I signed up for a year contract at $122.58 for phone+Internet(the slowest speed)+TV. 2. I have been paying $122.58 Tax included every month now. 3. Every month at the store the bill has been corrected to reflect $122.58 tax included. Now all this being true, you would think that corporate would fix this problem, at the minimum if they don’t want my business then they should not be charging a termination fee since they are in breach of contract.

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