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Complaint: AT&T Employees from President’s Office: Angela Clark (866-569-2108) Linda (Billing/Orders) (888-958-3030/Access Code:388/ extension 6194) Scott Sims ([email protected]) Roxanne (888-958-3030/Access Code: 388/extension 6159) I received a bill from AT&T today Wednesday, April 25, 2018 for $184.60 for billing period March 20-April 19. I cancelled my AT&T account in March 2018 (I cannot remember the exact date). I paid my final AT&T bill for $83.64 on March 31, 2018. I also paid $184.60 on March 31, 2018 for AT&T non-returned equipment fee. AT&T made a debit withdrawal (posted) from my checking account in the amount of $268.24 on April 2, 2018. I have a AT&T credit in the amount of $184.60 in my former account ** dated April 25, 2018. Someone at AT&T did not bother to do their job correctly. Because I am wasting my time on this complaint right now, AT&T can expect more complaints than this one. I will also be on the Internet blasting the company and the CEO. Maybe next time someone will do their job and check/balance before they send bogus bills trying to rip off paid in full customers. Apologies will not suffice. Expect plenty more complaints. I am just getting started… I have continually been going back and forth with them not accepting any responsibility for their mistake. They have lied to the BBB Atlanta regarding sending me the bill after it was paid. To top it off, ATT left a message on my voicemail on 5/16/18 stating that they are going to send me a bill (150.00) for the equipment and their billing will determine whether to refund my money. As if that makes any sense. ATT replied to BBB Atlanta by stating that they would be sending me a response via USPS. That never came. They attempted to reach me by phone several times but I respond to my complaints through my complaints being that businesses like to lie and tell BBB or whoever that the issue is resolved after phone conversations and the BBB or whoever will believe that and close the complaint. So I never respond via the phone. I need written records always. I am not backing down but I think ATT thinks I will. They do not know me… Consumer Affairs Ripoff Federal Trade Commission Texas Attorney General (Ken Paxton) Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, local/major media, etc… They illegally billed me for $186.40 and stated that they are going to bill me for $150.00 more. Dallas Texas

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: 208 S Akard St Dallas, Texas United States


Phone: 888-958-3030

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