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Complaint: My son and I went to the AT&T store to add him to our plan. We were offered a “free”” tablet with the purchase of a new phone. We said ok. We were then offered to have Direct TV on the tablet. We were told we could cancel it at any time. We said ok. We were never at any time told we were signing a 2 yr. contract with the tablet. We were told we had a 30 day free trial

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Address: but had to pay 30 days in advance. That should have been my first warning. I paid it and my son got his phone. In January I called AT&T to cancel the Direct TV to the tablet and was then told I signed a 2 yr


Phone: contract for the tablet. I was livid. They should tell u these things upfront. I then cancelled my whole account with AT&T. They are a ripoff company and they lie to ev eryone.”

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By Ronald

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