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on 5/25/2018 i contact the craidlist post ID 6596663505 named Bengal litters / kittens to buy a kitten female. Shortly i received an email from Morgan Tucker email address [email protected] with details of these kittens. during next two days , 5/26/18 and 5/27/18 , i received emails with pictures and videos . due to the 5 hours distance, Morgan Tucker , the presumed seller , offered to deliver the cat with a small fee $35 claiming of having a coupon for delivery . discussing payments , he stated that the delivery agency will charge the money at the delivery and they will let me know details of the payment method . on 5/28/18 am i received email email from delivery agency with instructions of payment also followed by a phone call from number 5598562091 , a man with strong accent , possible from Africa or middle est. he required payment by money order / transfer using Walmart service . after payment was confirmed ,1 hour later he called me again to request $ 830 for a special crate due to the high temperature . all these where accompanied and followed by emails with tracking number and delivery/ status updates. the email was send from the [email protected] using a site listed after a second payment was made and money received by one person named Merlin Gwan at Walmart in first Ellwood , GA of 434$ , and second payment of $830 at Walmart Lawrenceville, Ga , payments confirmed by Walmart money transfer service , i realized no contact email of Morgan Tucker( seller) didn’t reply and i had suspicions of a real spam and fraud, i call the person at the above number, we spoke several time on 5/28/18 regarding payments, but he wasn’t answering anymore and the phone number has been disconnected: i mention that i have received a third money request by email this time requesting more money for pet travel insurance , this time the name of who supposed to receive money by money order is Muriell Fokon ,at Snellville , GA , 30349 zip code, i didn’t make the third payment , finally i realized i was spammed and fooled , too late

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