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Complaint: I purchased a Toyota engine ATK North America on 7/24/02. It was supposed to have a three-year unlimited mileage warrantee. In March of 2003, I began to have problems with the enginelack of power and the timing was off. The new engine had less than 30,000 miles on it. I took it to the shop that had installed it and it was determined to have a valve that was stuck open causing the valve to burn. ATK fulfilled its warrantee agreement for this problem; however, it took almost a month. Less than 3000 miles later, the engine began to have similar problems. Again I took it to the same mechanic who said it had a burnt valve in the other head. He replaced the damaged head with one supplied by ATK; however, ATK refused to pay for their share of the labor under the warranty ($475.00) stating that the damage was due to excessive cooling system temperature. I am the only driver of this vehicle and at no time did this engine show signs of overheating. My mechanic verified this and said that there were no signs of overheating. Additionally, I regularly and faithfully changed the oil and filter on this vehicle every 3,000 miles. There has never been loss of coolant nor has the temperature gage shown overheating. In short, I have not been at fault in the damage to this vehicle. If overheating caused this damage then it is the result of a defective engine. I believe that ATK is using this as an excuse for not paying this claim. I also believe that this is a common problem with this engine and that they know it will happen again before the warranty expires. This company is not only slow in dealing with their claims, it does not back their warranty’s. If you buy an engine from ATK you will get ripped-off. Gary cleveland, MinnesotaU.S.A.

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Address: 3210 S. Croddy Way Sanat Ana, California U.S.A.


Phone: 800-421 3746

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