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On 2/8/12 I authorized a transaction with for 3 tickets to Australia. It was a great deal and I was super excited. Then right before we were done with the transaction the rep told me there was a WQ security surcharge that $143.70 per person each way to get into the country. The airlines have nothing to do with it and its an additional charge once you get to the airport. Some flights are “flagged”” and unfortunately mine was one of them. He sounded real apologetic and said I would have to stand in a separate line to pay this once the flight landed before going through customs. He had a whole story to go along with it as well. Low and behold my $3200 flight was now $4400. I trusted him and signed the waiver. Afterwards I researched this mysterious surcharge and discovered it only exists if you are traveling to Greece. Needless to say I called the next day to dispute these charges. Long story short I am now fighting these charges with my credit card company. These people are smart enough not to break down the charges of your flight beforehand and don’t communicate with you in written form (no paper trail – no proof). Although our entire conversation is recorded

my credit card company has no legal rights to listen to it. I am at a loss of what to do and stand to lose over $1000 in bogus charges because of my trusting nature. Makes me sick to my stomach! Please DO NOT use this company for anything. My dream would be for a class action lawsuit to take them down.”

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