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Complaint: One problem with this company is it is crooked all the way from the bottom to the top!Owner is hands on and sexually words on with female staff. Buys them cars and sets them up in apartments if you are especially giving to him. Doesn’t matter where you are and the more revealing the clothes in the office, the better.Then the warehouse guy is very free with the sexual inuendos guess the boss trained him well. The sales guy “Ken”” referred to in the complaints is / was the main collector. When they put him in charge his head got bigger and bigger. He was praised by the same women who choose to let it all hang out. I mean sometimes when you are almost 50 those outfits that a 20 year old wear may not look all that hot on you but hey when you are a free giver type the less the merrier. The ‘bullpen’ is where the action is for drugs. and hey don’t be surprised to find a trio or quartet flit off for lunch for a quick getting high time. But the bullpen

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Address: you can find the passing of the greenery and prescriptions. Hey why not? Fits in with the sales staff that is hired. Most are newly released from jail

Website: stressed and just plain couldn’t take the treatment and actions by the staff and employees. had things been a bit more professional

Phone: generally for drugs. This explains the bizarre behavior allowed by management. Hell drug deals go on in the parking lot as well especially on the warehouse side as that is where the cameras can’t see it. I think there are a few that are guilt free of the activity but most know what is going on.Then the boss…One of them seems to be happiest to belittle women. Hey why should it matter? Tries to portray them in the worst light possible and when one can prove him wrong? Oh heck

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