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I’ve been married one year as of January 17 just had a baby this past December 19 2014. My husband and I were great at first but in early November I was on his Facebook and saw that he was looking up his ex, when I confronted him about it he said be was just wondering how her and her little girl were doing. (The child is not his but he helped raise her.) We fought about it me stating I was about to have a baby that was actually his and he was hung up on some baby he only raised for a few months. Well we got past it and I blocked her off his Facebook. This past February my husband had been being so rude about me never giving him space to be alone and hiding his phone, and he slept on the couch 2 nights in a row voluntarily. I felt something was up and went to go check on him and grabbed his phone and saw that they we’re sexting. He told her how much he wanted to sleep with her and everything and she responded as well with pictures and talking him to tell her more. It wasn’t just setting though they talked about their family’s her being married as well with two kids! I confronted her about it and she blocked me on Facebook. I have been told already that this is not her first time doing this. I know my husband didn’t sleep with her but sexting is just as bad.

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