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My husband and I had been having trouble reconnecting for a couple years. He begged me to “open my heart” to him again and give our marriage another chance. Reluctantly I began to come around after several heartbreaking events. It was a slow process and we had very little intimacy that wasn’t forced or coerced. To save our marriage he paid for a trip to Jamaica and other wonderful gestures. He constantly preached to me about being sent by God to make me better and a more righteous person. A moral compass of sorts! Little did I know that his narcissistic compass had sailed right inside of Ashley Zarach! For the entire 2015 year, they have been having an on-the-job affair. They slept together right before he took me on our trip to Jamaica and after we returned. He actually laughed at me when admitting the truth, all while begging me to reconsider a divorce! He has belittled me for not being sexually fulfiling, dogged me because he doesn’t feel like a man and boosting his ego with the help of his mistress. They currently work at a local Nashville news station where she’s the Web Producer while my husband directs the news and his penis straight at Ashley. She loves sports and will use that avenue to attract your man. She is a runner and gym rat. Watch out ladies: Ashley M. Zarach knows no bounds!

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By Ronald

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