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My husband and I have always had a rocky relationship but that’s just us. When I was pregnant with our second child Ashley Wycoff started working where we both worked at first she was nothing but a bitch no one liked. Four months after giving birth to our son she moved into the same apartment complex we lived in and my husband and his friend started going down there and hanging out with her but they were just friends so he kept telling me, though she had absolutely no interest in being any kind of friend with me. My husband began keeping his phone on him at all times and putting a lock on it. After about a month of this and constant fighting between us he started”passing out” on her couch, yeah right I called bull shit on that he and I split up. || After a couple months he decided she was not what he wanted and wanted to be with his family. After some counseling he and I reconciled and we were doing fantastic then here she comes again claiming she was pregnant with his child.This was a lie she just wanted him back but it didn’t work he told her to f off. This female is a serious problem. She is now going after another man with a child on the way and has told people she enjoys causing problems and hurting people. She only goes after married or taken men.

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By Ronald

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