Ashley wilkerson – Crazy psycho/horrible mother Washington


This chick is the most crazy, psycho wack job you will come across… She is a compulsive liar, their and horrible mother. She claims to be some raging lesbian now and it’s all for attention its pathetic how bad she wants/needs attention. She currently is not taking care of her child just paws him off on ex’s new gf and parties all night. Over 3 months now this has been going on. Dont have kids when your a immature. selfish and total brat. You got this huge a55 mouth and all you do is run pure non -sense out it. She got a lot to say over the internet but that’s it… she selling that nasty kitty on tinder lmao disgusting white trash. Most wack female award goes to! YOU! B1tch … It goes to you.

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By Ronald

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