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This homewrecker has ATTEMPTED to wreck beautiful family. Her favorite thing to do is hit the guy up out of the blue and see if he will answer at all. She starts out nice complimenting his baby. Then asks if she can have a HUGE favor and borrow $200 (but $45 will do). Because she is also a drug addict and uses any opiate she can get her hands on. (Druggies are known to also hit up random ppl for favors when they are “dope sick”) He said NO so she got mad. She will do anything to get a fix so her friend hit me up and said my man was meeting up with her. But he wasn’t he was at home. She’s a little druggie freak who doesn’t care about other people’s families at all. And can’t stand to be turned down and dopesick. Watch out Lewis County! Druggies like her can often contract HEP C or AIDS. Keep your men away from this girl if you want to stay clean.

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By Ronald

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