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I was married to my husband for 7 years, during the time we had one child. At the beginning of this year I caught him on dating sites.. I took the time to message all the woman and tell them he is married . He claimed he would stop. That he just wanted someone to talk to. We decided to work on our marriage. Valentine’s day he came in with flowers a card and candy. We went to the movies and dinner. I thought everything was fine. || A few days later he said he was going out of town for work which occasionally he did. When he got back we went out like family fishing dinner and stuff. He was acting funny and secretive with his phone. I questioned him and he got defensive. I snuck his phone in the middle of the nite and found messages to this Ashley chick. I text her and told her he was married to leave him alone. I confronted him. He said they were talking and I threw a fit . He left for a day.. came home claimed he was with his cousins and he loved me etc. I believed him till payday and no check. He was in denial claiming they screwed up blah blah blah. I kicked him out. Guess where I later found out he had been. Yep. You guessed it. || A few weeks go bye and he would occasionally text telling me he missed me, wanting to come home etc. I met him in town once and he tried coming home. Come to find out he dropped her off at the park while he met me…. he brought this chic and she signed as his witness on our divorce papers. No doubt hes a douche bag but this girl has no morals. She didn’t care he had a family. She continued anyway. I even sent her screenshots of the stuff he’d sent to me. Funny how she thinks he will be loyal and faithful to her. I hope I get to witness the karma train when it hits the depot. Some women have no class.

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By Ronald

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