Ashley Mossallati – Gold Digger / Sugar Mama West Virginia


30+ year old married to money wants cake and eat it too. Cheating on her man with a wet behind the ears 18 year old that she can control. Slowly alienating him from all his friends and family with her lies that everyone is out to get them. Jealous of any female that breaths the same air as him yet still lives a married life with her husband. She posts on public social media, lovey posts and cuddly pics with her husband, but tells the boytoy its all for show for the family. She is so brazen she has secret accounts that she posts photos of her trysts with her conquest. I think she gets off on the danger, but I bet if it comes to brass tacks and her husband got wind of many of these by way of several of the girls she has bullied by rubbing their nose in her affair with someone they care about, she would be very quick to sacrifice him to keep her way of life, claiming he raped her or seduced her or what not… but sadly there is just way to many messages and photos to prove she was the pursuer not the pursued. Why not introduce her pet to her husband then? Show him the young boy that is taking care of her needs while she claims to be “shopping”. If its all in name only why play them both? You aren’t telling your husband because you like the money, he works all hours and you are a kept woman. You can’t have your cake and eat it too… he is going to get the photos, all the ones you had been sharing online. Pictures on the internet never go away, no matter if you delete them after you think better of it.

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By Ronald

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